Auto Attendant Script

Silly Yuletide with Droga5

…about time a client has a sense of humor regarding auto attendant recordings! Be gone generic lines…”Thank you for calling the Boring Company, Press 1 for Boring Sales, Press 2 for Boring Customer Service, Press 3 for our Boring receptionist…at Boring, expect to be bored!” This time, Droga5, a major advertising agency from NYC, came […]

Mind The Gap Podcasts

Chris Gately: The Man Behind The Scene

I’ve known Chris for over twenty years. But we didn’t start out as friends. In the beginning, I hired him to correct technical problems in my studio and, believe me, there were many. He would arrive at my studio with his modest tool kit and ask me about the technical issues I was encountering. His […]

Mind The Gap Supports Music

Music Helped Our Scholarship Winner Through A Painful Childhood And Into A Productive Future

We’re pleased to announce that our Fall 2015 Scholarship has been awarded to Ashlei Alexander, a graduate student at the University of Maryland. Of the more than 400 essays submitted for the fall scholarship, Ashlei won our hearts with her essay, “An Ode to Hip Hop and Music.” (You can read it below.) She wrote about a childhood […]

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Chico Huff, Marc A Gallo

Keys to Great Studio Recordings…

…surround yourself with great musicians and engineers! We just had two wonderful sessions with some great musical talent: Chico Huff on bass and Vic Stevens on drums. The days were long. There were numerous challenges. But pre-production and preparation were key in achieving excellent results. For Every Studio Session, Only One Musician After years of recording, […]

Mind The Gap’s Marc A. Gallo Interviewed by Tore Fiore on iRadioPhilly’s The Delco Show

Wow…what an interview! Tore Fiore was on fire! I was expecting a laid back discussion about Mind The Gap’s on hold music and messaging services but instead I was confronted with an engaging and testosterone-fueled pontification about how cool we are. Tore may look old but he acted like he just polished off 5 Red Bulls. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! […]

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5 Quick Tips to Create a Complete Marketing Strategy

After 25+ years in business, I’ve come to learn quite a few things about what NOT to do in marketing my company. As always,  my proclivity was to toss the boomerang, wish for the best, never expect the worst and, of course, as fate would have it, see the boomerang head right back and smack me across the […]

Which On Hold Messaging Plan is Best for Your Company?

This is a common question asked by many of our prospects. It’s a given that on hold music and messaging is an integral part of your company’s advertising strategy. But the $64,000 question remains: How often should you change it? Two Types Of On Hold Clients We can generally divide our clients into two categories: […]

Your On Hold Music Sucks & Here’s Why

If you’re like me you probably hate being on hold. But in business it’s a necessary evil. Funny that I decided to own a company that specializes in “being on hold.” My motivation then and now is to change that experience. Make it captivating and even entertaining. So when a caller is placed on hold, […]

Why The On Hold Music?

I recently read an article written by Tom Vanderbilt for Slate titled “Your Call is Important to Us: The History and Psychology of Hold Music” and found it very interesting from a historical perspective to help explain why it is so common to hear on hold music and messaging when you are placed on hold today. […]

Bad On Hold Messaging Leads to Bad Customer Service

In a recently posted article, Comcast was taken to task for its reported bad customer service once again, by leaving a customer on hold for over 3 hours. 3 hours people! I can’t even imagine having to be placed on hold for that long and I am in the business of being on hold. YouTuber […]