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Which On Hold Messaging Plan is Best for Your Company?

This is a common question asked by many of our prospects. It’s a given that on hold music and messaging is an integral part of your company’s advertising strategy. But the $64,000 question remains: How often should you change it? Two Types Of On Hold Clients We can generally divide our clients into two categories: […]

Your On Hold Music Sucks & Here’s Why

If you’re like me you probably hate being on hold. But in business it’s a necessary evil. Funny that I decided to own a company that specializes in “being on hold.” My motivation then and now is to change that experience. Make it captivating and even entertaining. So when a caller is placed on hold, […]

Why The On Hold Music?

I recently read an article written by Tom Vanderbilt for Slate titled “Your Call is Important to Us: The History and Psychology of Hold Music” and found it very interesting from a historical perspective to help explain why it is so common to hear on hold music and messaging when you are placed on hold today. […]

Bad On Hold Messaging Leads to Bad Customer Service

In a recently posted article, Comcast was taken to task for its reported bad customer service once again, by leaving a customer on hold for over 3 hours. 3 hours people! I can’t even imagine having to be placed on hold for that long and I am in the business of being on hold. YouTuber […]

On Hold Music Matters – Here’s Why

I have said it several times in many blog posts as “mistress of the obvious”: being on hold sucks. It just does and it is bad music that drives a lot of the negative feelings associated with this experience. Yet we can’t escape having to be on hold at some point so is there anything […]

Don’t Ask Your Customers to Just Hold It!

How long do people stay on hold before they hang up? According to some research it is between 10-13 minutes before they reach a “boiling point” according to Business Insider. Customer Service Matters Although this research is a few years old, the pain suffered by people on hold does not really change unless the on hold […]

What Do People Do When There is No On Hold Messaging?

Being on hold is a necessary experience we all share, but many do not enjoy. If you have a professionally prepared on hold messaging program for customers to listen to then you are making the most of their time which will result in making the most of yours. It is a captive audience just waiting […]

5 Topics to Use in Your On Hold Messaging

When creating your on hold messaging, many items to include may seem obvious like your address and website information. But if your intention is to keep callers on hold and not in a coma there are other more interesting items that you should consider including in any well written script. #1        New Products/Upgrades Are you […]

How to Write Intriguing, Compelling, Persuasive On Hold Messages…But Wait, That’s Not All!

Have you ever thought about who writes those messages you hear when you’re waiting on hold? If you have, the writer hasn’t done a very good job. Because you shouldn’t be thinking about how the message was written; whether it’s clever or funny, and certainly not if it’s annoying or pushy. You should be thinking […]

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