Industry Samples

Clients turn to Mind The Gap for On Hold, Auto Attendant & In Store Music & Messaging Services


Inspections, maintenance, environmental protections and energy conservation planning are just some of the services construction companies introduce to clients when on hold.

CPA Firms

Accounting firms continuously need to keep pace with their client’s demands. So what better way to share their frequent improvements than through their on hold messages.


With identity theft a primary concern, financial institutions like banks and credit unions provide clients a list of preventative measures to use with their on hold program.


Quality care is the main focus for hospitals and health care facilities. Their on hold program reminds friends and families that their loved ones are in good hands.


Repeat business is vital to the hospitality industry. Reminding customers of all the amenities and rewards programs with their on hold messages is key to their success.


Advising clients about the maze of risk management issues and protecting their assets from unforeseen events is just one of many ways for an effective on hold message.

On Hold Music

Nursing Care

While on hold, nursing and home care facilities provide prospective families a comforting message to address questions and concerns about finding quality care for their loved ones.


Adding a timely message promoting their products and services while customers are browsing is an effective marketing use of in store announcements.


Restaurants direct on hold customers to their website to retrieve coupons, review menus, buy merchandise and promote special events to drive business.

Senior & Assisted Living

Senior and assisted living communities promote the amenities and care giving services available to prospective retirees with their on hold music and messages.

Rental Communities

Apartments and condominiums need to impress prospective tenants and owners waiting on hold with the plethora of amenities and services available to them.

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